Verdant Garden
August 24, 2022


Designed to be innovative, sustainable and adaptable in a new era of work, NeXTeracom is delighted to introduce its new project, NeXera at Côte d’Or Data Technology Park. Located in the strategic triangular zone between Ebène, Moka and Côte d’Or, NeXera is easily accessible to people travelling from the two main business hubs on the island namely, Ebene Cybercity and Port-Louis. Additionally, the metro station at Côte d’Or will be 2 minutes away on foot.

NeXTeracom is bringing a new, unique concept of ‘campus style’ office spaces in Mauritius with six G+8 sustainable buildings surrounded by lush rainforests, including an onsite foodcourt and foodtrucks open to the public, creating thus a desirable and convenient environment to live and work.

Built on a 43,168.88sqm area, NeXera sets the standard for what constitutes a green office campus, which will be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified. The project is estimated at MUR 4.5 billion, whereby Phase 1 comprising four buildings will be completed by December 2024, and Phase 2 will be accomplished by June 2025.

The philosophy behind the project is to bring sustainable construction to life by introducing the natural ecosystem of rainforest. Set in an extensive garden surrounded by a green and lush environment, the NeXera development consists of a wide range of native and adaptive plants - trees, palms, shrubs and groundcovers. Our design intention is to create a project with abundant vegetation while paying particular attention to the scale of each building and its integration within the site. Pedestrian alleys, jogging tracks, lush landscaping shall connect each building to the site. Office building and retail activities are organised along the main streets of the site. All the building blocks connect to a recreation park. The park forms an integrated part in the masterplan of the project, aimed at creating communal and social activities while providing huge spaces for vegetation.

Together with visionary architects, engineers and suppliers, the NeXTeracom team has carefully selected materials and created designs to try to keep the environmental impact of these buildings as low as possible. NeXera encompasses a spectrum of smart and sustainable features including photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting, micro-wind, geothermal heating and cooling systems, recycling solutions and the design of office units with optimal daylighting through the use of smart glasses.


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