Our beliefs and values drive everything we do.


We believe in

creating an unfair advantage

We all have our unique advantages and points of differentiation that set us apart from everyone else. Our focus is to create it, acknowledge it, and leverage it. Every day, we draw not only on our expertise and agility, but on our experience, our purpose, our character, and our unique connections to make the difference in the real estate industry.

We believe in

inspiring purposeful lifestyles

From office spaces to residential areas, we believe in a vision to change people’s ecosystem through new functionalities and new experiences for a better world. It is important for us to build a place that enhance the community experience, create a meaningful, fulfilling, and healthy co-existence for a more sustainable, purposeful lifestyle.

We believe in

building strong partnerships

At NeXTeracom, we do not say no. We believe in openness, honesty with our stakeholders, clear communication, and shared accountability. We are open-minded, trust everyone to take responsibility and make a difference, all by building and nurturing strong partnerships.


Our values are the principles that drive our work and the IMPACT we make every day.



We deliver on our promises. We strive to do what is right and act with the highest ethical standards in everything we say and do, ensuring that we maintain the trust and respect of our customers, of our partners and of our people.



We go above and beyond for our clients whenever possible. We know little things can make a big difference; our collective effort aims at generating positive, ground-breaking change and delivering excellence for our customers, colleagues, and communities.



We are the “bâtisseurs dans l’âme”. Our achievements reflect our passion for our work. From the smallest detail to the big picture, we commit ourselves fully to every project, approaching each one with the same goal in mind, to be able to say with confidence: We built that!



Our uniqueness is our ability to be flexible, accessible, respond and adapt quickly to clients’ needs. We approach decisions with discipline, execute with speed and hold ourselves accountable for our results.



We take pride in how well we are committed to serving clients. We are property specialists who believe in forging authentic and long-lasting relationships and understand the need for responsiveness and services delivered seamlessly.



Teamwork is instrumental to producing outstanding results and is founded on mutual respect and honest communication between our clients, partners, and ourselves.


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