Avalon Golf Estate
August 18, 2022
Verdant Garden
August 24, 2022


The office must not be a place to work on a to-do list. It is a place for teamwork, creativity, learning, and should encompass a leisure space. It is a place where an employee feels nurtured and a sense of belonging. The Allianz building is just that!

Set in the heart of Ebene, the building has been designed and constructed for the global brand, Allianz (Mauritius). The 7-floor building has been designed to transform workplaces and mindsets to boost productivity, innovation, teamwork and wellness. The creative interiors reflect the brand’s corporate philosophy and values; the break-out rooms showcase the collaborative aspect; the co-working space provides an element of creative thinking in teams or alone; the spacious canteen regroups people during lunch and the gaming zone as well as the gym reflect the health and wellness that are fundamental elements of Allianz.

Additionally, the top floor opens the way to a stunning open football pitch for passionate players and spectators.

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