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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. The protection of your privacy is important to NeXTeracom Ltd (referred to as “NeXTeracom” or “we”) and we are committed to comply with our obligations as data controller under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and Data Protection Act 2017 (“DPA”).
1.2. We are responsible as data controller for all personal data you provide to us when you do business with us or when you use our website (
1.3. This Privacy Policy covers how your personal data is collected, used and protected by us and what rights you have in relation to your personal data.
1.4. Any enquiry regarding this Privacy Policy or the collection or processing of your personal data should be directed to Data Protection Officer at our address being Level 12, Nexteracom Tower I, Rue du Savoir, Cybercity, Ebene.
1.5. This Privacy Policy is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Mauritius, and any dispute arising shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Mauritius courts.

2. What information we collect

2.1. We collect various types of personal data (as defined under the GDPR & the DPA) on our clients/website users.
2.2. Depending on our relationship with you (e.g., if you are our service provider or our employee) or the type of services we provide to you , we may collect personal data about you, including but not limited to:
2.2.1. identification information (e.g., name, nationality, birth date, ID card number place, gender, photograph and IP address);
2.2.2. contact information (e.g., phone number, physical address, email)
2.2.3. curriculum vitae details when you apply for a job at NeXTeracom;
2.2.4. financial data gathered during business transactions with you (e.g., bank account details, etc.); and
2.2.5. any other personal data that you choose to provide to us.
2.3. We also collect information when you access our website including traffic data and other communication data but such data is anonymous.

3. Why we collect and process the personal data

3.1. We use your personal data in the course of our business and interaction with you for the following purposes:
3.1.1. performing our contract with you;
3.1.2. complying with our legal obligations;
3.1.3. recruiting new employees;
3.1.4. fulfilling our legitimate commercial interests; and
3.1.5. sending you communications which you have consented to receive (if applicable).

4. How we use the personal data

4.1. We shall use your personal data for the primary purposes for which it is collected, and for purposes which are directly related to the primary purpose or otherwise as authorized by this Privacy Policy.
4.2. We shall not sell or rent your personal data to third parties.
4.3. We may disclose your personal information to third parties, to fulfil our business relationship (this would include banks, contractors, service providers, etc.), or to comply with our legal obligations or to attend to information requests from regulatory bodies.

5. Retention of personal information

NeXTeracom shall retain your personal data for the relevant period required in order to meet our business operational requirements and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

6. Use of cookies

When you visit our website, information may be stored in the form of a cookie on your computer. By visiting this website without changing your browser cookie settings, you agree to receive all cookies and other data collection tools. If you do not accept the use of these cookies, you can disable cookies on this website by changing your browser settings.

7. Protecting your personal information

7.1. NeXTeracom has put in place security measures as required under the applicable laws to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, use, accidental loss or disclosure.
7.2. Any breaches of personal data held by us shall be reported to the Data Protection Commissioner as required under the DPA.

8. Your rights as data subjects

8.1. If you who seek to exercise any of your rights under the GDPR/DPA, please contact the Data Protection Officer at or 404 5800.
8.2. If you have any concern about how we are handling your personal information, please contact us and we shall try to address and resolve those concerns.
8.3. NeXTeracom shall endeavor to promptly fulfil your request.

9. This Privacy Policy was last updated in September 2022 and is subject to change from time to time. We recommend you check this page regularly to ensure you are agreeable with our data processing activities. By using this website, you consent to this policy.